About Me

Hi I am Redouane Achouri :wave:,

Since a young age, I have always been extremely curious about science and engineering, and I tried to get my hands dirty with all sorts of garage experiences, including building electronic devices, miniature ships, wooden bridges,… and then I discovered what magic things can be done with programming, and it all started there: a couple of years abundant with exhilarating “It works :satisfied: !” moments, and some other “what’s wrong with it :weary:” tribulations.

When I’m not working on tech stuff, I do improvisation theater, I practice Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, or I travel with a good book in my backpack :steam_locomotive:.

Areas of Experience

DevOps (AWS, GCP)


Software Development (Typescript, Javascript, Python)


Cloud (AWS, GCP)




Terraform (AWS, GCP)


SQL Programming


Front-end (React)


Other Skills

Technical writing


Public speaking (Improvisation Theater, Klarna Konnect Speaker Program)


Brazilian Jiu-jitsu


DevOps Engineer (Consultant), dema.ai

Sep, 2022 — Present

Working on the next generation platform for e-commerce to achieve profitable growth. Helping with infrastructure, DevOps, Backend, and processes

DevOps Consultant, Mirado Consulting

Sep, 2022 — Present

Helping teams with infrastructure and DevOps (Kubernetes, Terraform, AWS, CI/CD).

DevOps Engineer, Klarna

Dec, 2020 — Aug, 2022

Management of the main container runtime platform on top of AWS.

Software Engineer, ValueChecker.net, alaTest.com

Feb, 2019 — Dec, 2020

Development of the backend architectures; MySQL management; B2B Customers Satisfaction.

Junior Data Scientist, BIG mama (big-mama.io)

Nov, 2017 — Jan, 2019

Machine Learning (Supervised, Unsupervised, Reinforcement); Big Data Architectures; Data Analytics.

M.Sc. Electronics Engineering, Ecole Nationale Polytechnique d'Alger

Sep, 2016 — Jun, 2019

Digital Signal Processing; Embedded Electronics; Linux Systems; FPGAs.